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Not Receiving Email due to Email Storage Capacity Maxed Out

Any email account you set up with us starts out with 1024MB (1G) of storage. Some artists have used that up, so we have a system in place that ups the storage limit (at no cost to you) up to 20480MB (20G).

If your email account goes over the allocated storage that is currently set up on your account and does not get caught by our watchlist Alert page, your email account will stop working.

Please contact support so that we can increase your storage capacity up to the 20480MB (20G) limit.
Click Here to Contact Support.

Our apologies, it is not possible to restore any missed messages.

Since the mailbox was at capacity, the messages were not stored on the mailbox's server so the email provider cannot retrieve (restore) those messages.

The messages were rejected and returned to the senders.

Anyone that would have sent you a message would have received a notice that their email to you was not delivered.

You can keep an eye on the amount of storage you are using and contact us if you see you are getting close to using your allocated amount so that we can prevent your email from stopping altogether.

To check your data usage:

  • Log in to your email account (go to webmail.fineartstudioonline.com)
  • Click the 3 bar menu/hamburger icon (upper right corner to the right of your email address)
  • Your data usage will display at the top of pop up screen

If you wish to reduce the amount of storage you are using, see this FAQ:
How to Delete Multiple Emails and Email Folders

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