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Upload Images Using iPhone or iPod Touch

The FASO software supports image uploads on iOS 6 and above (later), not on iOS 5 and lower (earlier). This is a limitation of the earlier iOS versions.

If your device is running iOS 5 or earlier, you'll need to use the FASO app. 

If you are running iOS 6 or later, you can
(1) upload images using the regular FASO uploader (in your browser) from your FASO control panel
See this FAQ: How do I upload images of my artwork?
(2) use the app

The FASO app is an iPhone app, not an iPad app. You can run iphone apps on an iPad but it is less than ideal and not necessary.

How to Download the FASO App

  • tap the App Store button on your iPhone

  • tap the 'search' tab
  • type in 'FASO by boldbrush'
  • tap the 'Free' button in the FASO description box to install FASO
  • tap the 'Install' button
  • enter your Apple password when prompted
  • tap 'OPEN' button
  • enter FASO Username and Password to login

You can Click Here to visit the App Store to obtain the free FASO app.

How to Upload Art using the iPhone app

  • tap 'Upload Artwork to My Website'
    or tap the Add Artwork icon (bottom row)
  • tap 'From Photo Library'
  • when prompted, tap OK to allow FASO to access photo library
  • tap 'Camera Roll'
  • tap on the picture you want
  • tap 'Next'
  • title your artwork
  • fill in details such as price, size and medium, etc.
  • tap 'Upload'
  • for 'FASO Artwork uploaded successfully.' tap OK

You are limited to uploading 1 image at a time (since flash is not an option on an iOS device).

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