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JPG Images Recommended over PNG

How to upload .png files if you prefer them

FASO originally chose JPG (.jpg / .jpeg) as the format for image uploads because they're specifically designed for displaying artwork and photographs.

JPGs are more accurate and support a higher color resolution than PNGs. JPGs allow for millions of colors

PNGs were designed as a replacement for GIFs and have a color palette of only 256 colors per image. They compress more and are good for things like buttons and icons. 

For artwork images, JPGs are a better choice. We encourage their use.

If you still wish to upload .PNG image files, here are 2 options:

1. from FASO account Control Panel:

  • click Artwork icon OR Images icon OR Upload Art Now button- from Artwork icon, click on Add New Artwork
    - from Images icon, click on Add a New Non-Art Image
  • click on Can't see the above uploader? Click here to use our html-only uploader
  • follow the prompts

2. from any text editing screen (like Your Site's Home Page, About the Artist, etc.):

  • activate cursor in text area where you want your image to appear
  • select the Insert Image icon (small toolbar just above text - the mountain and sun icon)

  • click Choose Image (Select image)
  • follow the prompts

The image file designation will change from .png to .jpg upon completion of the upload process.

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